Inns role in the development of Bucharest economic life in the late eighteenth century would not be experienced only as new founded flourishing lack inns. Foreign traders will find not only a safe place for storage of goods, and a good space to discus with other merchants came from different parts of the world, a market and purchase their products.

Inns in Bucharest, compared with those from Vienna

Turks, Greeks, Germans, Russians, even British and French, founded first by Serban Cantacuzino, Zlatari, Gabroveni and later Manuc’s Inn, comes to complete various businesses and to -and install shop. From this point of view, inns Bucharest were compared with those from Vienna regarding opportunities for trade, and closing the most profitable business. No other city in the Balkans could not be proud of what was about to build Bucharest – a prosperous economic life.

Bucharest becomes cosmopolitan city

In shops inns in Bucharest could find fine English cloth, fabrics and silks, glassware, mirrors and Venetian perfumes, jewelery and weapons from Damascus and Constantinople, and the most expensive Russian furs.

Bucharest is a business and parties that emphasize luxury and waste tend aristocracy and negustorimii cosmopolitan strongly influenced by the presence of Austrian troops, Russian and Turkish.
Economic transformation Bucharest is mentioned especially by foreign diplomats, who recorded in the documents very interesting aspects of social life of the inhabitants, which identified the key role played by inns.

Pareri de la cititori

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