Manuc Bei: legend character

The fame of the great inn from the shore of Dambovita is due to Manuc Bei. About Manuc there were told many stories and legends. He was rich and had a powerful, political influence and received many titles and acknowledgements.


Life and Family of Manuc Bei

His family lived in a village named Karpi, near the Ararat volcano. His grandparents crossed Armenia and emigrated in Turkey and Europe. His father, Martiros Mirzaian was married to a rich merchant’s daughter and established with her in Rusciuk (Russe). There, he started trading and became a great merchant. After becoming a widower, he marries the second time with Mamica, also the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Manuc is borned in 1769.

He spends his first part of his childhood in Rusciuk, studying at the community school. At the age of 12 he leaves to Iasi under the guidance of an Armenian merchant and learns the languages that wore spoken there, among which French and Russian.

In 1785 he goes back to Rusciuk. After a few years, he marries Mariam, making six children with her. Two boys- Ioan Murat and Grigore Feirat and four girls- Ecaterina, Pembe, Mariam and Gaiane. After a short period of time his father dies and so, he is forced to take over the businesses. Although young and without experience, he knew how to handle them and also increase his wealth.

Manuc – Diplomat and Mediator

His fame and his climb in the society’s elite starts in the Ottoman Empire. At Rusciuk, between merchants, he will become rich and make many tactical links. Using his influence and wealth, he supports and advises the governor of Moldova, Tersenicli-Oglu and Mustafa Pasa Bairactar in their most important positions from the empire.

In return for the help offered, Manuc becomes consilier(?) and dragoman(?) and in 1808 he is named – by the sultan Bei from Moldova. Mustafa Pasa writes him, telling him he is “my kindly prince” and tells the sultan. “Dragomanul(?) Manuc faithfully fullfils the tasks”

After his ascension, Manuc made many trips at Constantinopol where he became very popular. At the end of the year, Mustafa Pasa falls in the disgrace of the Sultan and Manuc runs at Adrianopol and then at Rusciuk. There he is constrained to seek shelter from the Russians in the Romanian country.


With his family’s permission, they pass the Danube and settles in Bucharest. Here, ge gives the Russian precious information about the Turkish army. In the second phase of the war, through his tactical links, Manuc becomes an intermediate between the Turkish and Russian army. So, the peace both armies wanted, is now in his hands. The signing of peace from 1812 it’s a moment that defines the reputation of the inn through the fact an important historical document will be signed here.

The peace agreement will be signed on 16th of may, 1812 and will end the war between Russia and turkey, also establishing the sovereignty over the disputed territories.

His death was shrouded in mistery

Manuc dies at Cosa, at the age of 48 and buried near the Armenian Church in Chisinau. His death is shrouded in mistery. Legends say that, in the time he was a refugee in Russia, he was poisoned. Others say that he fell of a horse with a “little help” from the Russians and passed away.

Was not found in the archives clear details on its end, so probably will not ever know the “real truth”.

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